Luxury 4 bed chalets  Thatched bathroom with hot water shower and flush toilet at

Own tents. No tents available. Open air showers available, or thatched ablution Thatched lapa with fireplace.   Kitchen with basic facilities e.g. gas stove.    Freezer / fridge available.     Small bush

              Hunter / Observer / Photo / Birding - Contact for fees  The fee includes: Tracker/Guide Local, Recovery of Game, Basic slaughtering, Gutting & skinning, Use of coldroom

              To hunt legally at Phuduhudu Hunting Safari's all Botswana laws must be obeyed.  General Information on permits: Meat export permits: Current prices apply accordin

               The Following Riles are available:  1) 223 P15/ round   2) 243 P15/ round  3) 308 P15/ round  4) 30-06 P15/ round  5)

1. Bookings secured on payment of 50% deposit. 2. All deposits less expenses will be refunded if a safari is cancelled provided that the safari can be re-booked (14 days in advance) 3. All animals killed or wounded must be paid for in full. (befo